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Compassionate Trust Leader Training





Trust Leader Training

Compassionate Trust Leaders are skilled practitioners who work to resolve conflict in their organization, community, or among those they serve professionally (including social service professionals, police officers, educators, and government employees).

Three Course Categories

The Compassionate Trust Leader courses fall into three categories:

Organizational Trust Leader
Select staff (sometimes elected by their coworkers) who work within organizations to address workplace issues.
Community Trust Leader
Members of the community who deal with community, family, and other issues.
Professional Trust Leader
Professionals that apply CTL skills to assist those they serve to succeed in assimilating and applying the professional services being provided.

Training Programs in Development

Currently in development, the Compassionate Trust Leader (CTL) curriculum will include the following courses:

  Orientation Course
A short introduction to the courses in the CTL curriculum. This free course prepares participants for the Basic CTL course.
  Basic Course (certificate course)
Prerequisite: the Compassionate Trust Leader Orientation Course
Basic Compassionate Trust Leadership is a multimedia course that provides essential practical skills that can be applied in a broad range of settings. Those who successfully complete the course receive a beautiful, multi-purpose certificate of completion.
  Intermediate Course (certificate course)
Prerequisite: the Basic Compassionate Trust Leader Course
The Intermediate Compassionate Trust Leader course provides additional conflict management skills — tools the practitioner can put to work immediate in their organizational, community, or professional setting.
  Advanced Course (certification course with certificate)
Prerequisite: the Intermediate Compassionate Trust Leader Course
Successful completion of the Advanced Compassionate Trust Leaders course provides the CTL practitioner with advanced skills and a CTL certification credential. A number of exclusive benefits come with CTL certification.


More information on these programs will be available as they are added to the International Center curriculum.

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