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Like many organizations, the International Center for Compassionate Organizations has made significant operational changes in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some programs can now be provided via online video conferencing, supported the availability of online access to support documents.



A brief summary of the International Center's current focus.


The International Center for Compassionate Organizations is developing needed educational assets for global distribution. The central focus during the COVID-19 pandemic is on publications covering compassion in general, compassionate leadership, compassionate conflict resolution, compassionate management, and related compassion-centered publications. These include papers to be added to those currently available.

International Programs

In collaboration with the World Affairs Council of Kentucky and Southern Indiana, the International Center for Compassionate Organizations conducts compassion development, violence reduction, and terrorism response trainings for the United States Department of State's International Visitor Leadership program.

International Visitor Leadership Program sites for the ICCO

Countries participating in ICCO training programs

Community Compassionate Mediation Programs

Tony Belak, the International Center's Associate Director-General, has been in charge of and provides compassionate mediation programs for organizations in the United States. This programs are provided locally and internationally via online video conferencing, with support materials (reference publications, checklists, etc.)that can be downloaded.

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