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The CompassionLab
The CompassionLab is an excellent resource for understanding and developing compassionate organizations. They are a group of researchers working in business schools who strive to create a new vision of organizations as sites for the development and expression of compassion. They are part of a broader community of scholars who are dedicated to developing a perspective on organizations as sites for human growth and the development of human strengths. More information is available on their website.
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International Center Fellow and Founding Professional Member Farhad Karamally his completed his study of compassion in business in Pakistan. Read the report. Farhad also helped develop a Sri Lanka study of compassion and its role in medicine.
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International Center Resources


Compassion Videos

A growing list of videos that can give viewers a more expansive and deeper understanding of compassion.

The collection includes the International Center's "Compassion – An Introduction." This FREE video can be downloaded and used by individuals and organizations. More information is available on the page for this video.

Article, papers, comment


An expanding list of books, papers and articles, and In Brief and Fact Sheets can be accessed from the International Center's Publications page. Except where noted, all of the current articles and papers are provided for free.

Compassion Quotes

Compassion Quotes

To become people experts, we must understand suffering. For organizations to succeed, those within them must take their understanding and work to alleviate suffering. The voices of compassion showcased in our list of compassion quotes can help us find our way to that understanding.

More Resources

Additional Resources

Developing key resources is our next challenge on the International Center for Compassionate Organizations website. We'll be providing:

  • Links for partnering organizations.
  • Links to key online resources.
  • Papers on compassionate organizations.
  • Research on compassionate organizations.
  • Teaching materials.
  • Information about model compassionate organizations.

Please check back with us soon as we expand the Resources section of the International Center site.

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